Seton River

Contributed by Scott McBride
What It's Like
A quick cool down in Lillooet.
Scouting / Portaging
Read and run
30 minutes
When to Go
April-September. BC Hydro flow regulated.
30.1cms↓ (Jul 24 07:10)
A quick way to cool down if you're driving through Lillooet. The whole operation should take about an hour, including shuttle. This river could be a candidate for constructing a river wave feature, if a local wants to take the lead on the project.

Put in at Naxwit Park, and take out at Cayoosh Creek Campground or the gravel bar on the Fraser. If you are walking or biking the shuttle, it might be more pleasant to take the Canal Trail, found just south of Highway 99 off Texas Creek Road.

Flow is regulated by BC Hydro, and is usually bumped up to at least 25cms from April through September, often with bigger releases up to and exceeding 100cms depending on their water management. At higher flows the run becomes continuous and could be challenging to clean up a swim.

The river is straightforward class II+ read and run. It first splits around an island, and where it rejoins is the busiest part of the run with converging currents and some old bridge foundations to dodge. There aren't any standout waves, but you might be able to catch some on the fly.  If you paddle down to the Fraser, be sure to treat that massive river with respect, especially in June.