Advocating for publicly accessible and free flowing rivers in British Columbia.

Our Mission

BC Whitewater is a non-profit whose goal is to provide a unified voice for whitewater paddlers in British Columbia, advocating for publicly accessible, free flowing rivers and speaking in support of river conservation. Our belief is that rivers should be publicly accessible and free flowing, and it's worth the fight to keep them that way!

Our History

BC Whitewater was founded in 2018 to address issues of river access and conservation on behalf of the recreational whitewater community. Our online guidebook has been an ongoing project for the last 10 years, and we hope to leverage that experience into creating a loud, effective voice for river users throughout BC.

BC Whitewater Ambassadors

Our BC Whitewater Ambassadors are the foundation of our organization, acting as regional representatives working on issues that affect their specific areas. We are looking for volunteers from all areas of British Columbia to act as Ambassadors. Please reach out if you'd like to help.

Current Projects

Kalum River Access

BC Whitewater recently worked to secure public access to the Kalum River.

River Database

BC Whitewater is building a database of whitewater reaches in the province both as an advocacy tool and as a service for our membership. Whether it's fighting a dam proposal or campaigning for continued access, it's critical that we're able to say, whitewater paddlers use this river -- and we can prove it.

Government Engagement

We're working to ensure that government agencies are aware of, and where possible, actively supportive of recreational use of rivers.

Help Our Cause

Your contribution will enable us to make sure the rivers of BC stay accessible and free for everyone. Every little bit counts!

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