Lower Mamquam

Contributed by Claudia Schwab
What It's Like
Good beginner run with small rock garden
1 hour
When to Go
Snowmelt until summer, fall after rain
37.2cms↓ (Jun 21 02:05)
 This description is from 2007 and may be outdated.  

Class: II+ (if you walk up from put-in: III)

Character: Pool drop, gravel bed, medium volume.

Scenery: Nice forested run, moderate use.

Length of Run: 2 km to Ring Creek Rd, 5.5 km to Government Rd

Length of Shuttle (one way): 15 km to Ring Creek Rd, 12 km to Government Rd

Special Considerations: Be careful of strainers and sweepers. 

Directions: To reach the put-in turn east onto Mamquam FSR from Hwy 99 just south of Squamish. Follow this road to an intersection at about 3.5 km (N49 42.404 W123 06.308). Turn left – there may be a sign pointing you to “whitewater kayaking”. Take the second road to the right after about 2 km. From here it is about 1 km down a steep washed out road to the river. Park in the open area at the top if you don’t like the looks of the road or if the gate is locked. To get to the take-out return to Hwy 99 and turn north. There are two options for taking out. To do the longer run drive north through Squamish on Hwy 99 for 4.5 km. Turn left on Centennial Way and after 500 meters right onto Government Road where you will cross the Mamquam. The take-out is at this bridge. For the shorter version of the run, stay on the Hwy for another kilometer (5.5 km from Mamquam FSR). Turn right onto Mamquam Road. Drive about 2 kilometers past a golf course. Park just past the small bridge over Mashiter Creek.

Description: This is a great beginner run or park and practice spot. At the right level, there is even a nice play wave, called “Paula’s Wave”. For park and play put in at the pipeline and paddle down about 500 m to a gravel beach on the left. You will find a well trodden trail back to the parking lot. If you are ready for it, carry your boat upstream from the pipeline for some great class III boulder garden action. The rest of the run is pretty straight forward with some short drops and lots of floating.

The rapids above the pipeline can be paddled at very low flows -- more or less year round.