Bobbie Burns Creek into Spillimacheen River

Contributed by Michael Reeder
What It's Like
Lovely class 4 river running. Starts out as boulder gardens, slowly changing into bedrock rapids as the run progresses.
III+ to IV (V)
Scouting / Portaging
Everything can be boat scouted except for the 30 foot waterfall a few km into the run. Easy to scout and portage on river left.
2-3 hours of on water time
When to Go
47.9cms↑ (May 21 07:30)
Group stoke below the waterfall.
A great river run. Lots of fun eddies and a good amount of nice catch on the fly surf waves. Although most rapids are not harder than class 3+ the remoteness, potential for wood, and continuous nature of the boulder gardens leading into the waterfall/portage put this run more in the grade 4 range.

The run starts out with fun class 3 boulder gardens and one great straight stretch with a few bigger holes. A very obvious horizon line should have you eddying out left to scout or portage the waterfall. Below the waterfall you are treated to more class 3 boulder gardens. The whitewater gradually becomes more bedrock in nature and has a lot of great waves, eddies and holes to play with. The power lines signal the end of the majority of the rapids, however a few class 3 rapids interrupt the flatwater float to the takeout.

This run can be done at a large range of water levels with 40 cms being fairly low for most of the run, but perfect for the waterfall. This run could be done at very high water, however, it would get very continuous and push into the trees, especially near the start of the run.