Blanket Creek (Sutherland Falls)

Contributed by Richard Maggs
What It's Like
A classic BC park and huck; one of the friendliest and most accessible large waterfalls out there
Scouting / Portaging
Easy trails for scouting and portageing
1 second of freefall with 30 minutes of prep
When to Go
Early spring/summer and fall with rain
0.728cms↓ (Sep 21 07:10)
Two sweet waterfalls in a beautiful canyon. Be sure to boof the first 30 footer right to avoid the cave on the left. Watch for wood in the canyon between the two drops. The main drop is around 60 feet with a beautiful pool above and below. Beware the lip will sometimes kick your nose up.

Level: look for between 10 and 15 on the Cranberry Creek gauge for ideal flows.

Access: Located in Blanket Creek Provincial Park.  The park doesn’t currently stop us from paddling but be respectful. Don’t anger the park wardens and set a good example by not blasting beats and yelling obscenities around other rec site users.