Mamquam Falls

A proposed eco-tourism project in Squamish put access to this gem in question. BC Whitewater engaged with the proponent, the District, and a local non-profit to establish guaranteed ongoing access for paddlers.

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A proposed eco-tourism project is slated for construction in the area surrounding Mamquam Falls in Squamish. There are three important paddler access points here without which its impossible to paddle either the main falls or the smaller waterfall upstream. BC Whitewater initiated a campaign for guaranteed access, garnering more than 1000 signatures on a petition and 50 letters addressed to the District of Squamish. This led the District to recognize the importance of paddling access here for the worldwide whitewater community.

With the support of the District and a local non-profit, the Mamquam River Access Society (MRAS) we were able to negotiate an agreement with the business that guarantees continued free and public kayaker access to the sites in question. We're also working with MRAS on a "Section 56" application that will protect these access points in perpetuity, even if the tenure on which the business operates changes hands in the future.